After a foot of snow, and snowblowing three driveways the last thing I expected to do was go sledding with my neighbors who are 5 and 3 :)

We have a handicap accessible ramp leading from our driveway to our front door for our son Craig, and his wheelchair. It's also the perfect size little mountain for our neighbors. So while they were outside, and I was snowblowing, I suggested they bring their plastic sleds and go up and down the ramp. Let's face it, I had an ulterior motive, as I wanted them to be able to take a long nap so their mom would have a break this afternoon :)

They were having such a good time, and they kept asking me to go down with them. After my son Collin, who is 23 went down a couple of times, I decided I would go down with them too! Now again, this is my brain thinking that my body can do things I used to do and forgetting that I'm nearly 54 years old! Sure enough, getting down into the sled was the hard part, without crashing, but we had a blast! Luckily they had been out for over a hour by the time I had gone down 4 or 5 times with them, and it was time for them to go inside and have hot cocoa with mini marshmallows! Yum!

So, remember this holiday season, it's ok to listen to your brain, and you're never too old to go sledding. Just make sure your insurance is paid up :) Happy Holidays!