Kelly Frye and her family are doing everything they possibly can to find her father, with whom she had her last conversation via Facebook before the typhoon hit the Philippines.

Frye says her last conversation with him was last Thursday evening and he told her there had been a warning issued about the impending storm.

"I kind of chuckled and said well maybe it will just be windy and rainy like the storms we have here," recalls Frye. "He said well I hope so, and that was the last I heard from him."

Frye says they've exhausted every option they can think of from contacting the Red Cross, to the Embassy, to Senator Susan Collins office, to see if they can get word about her father, Robert MacDonald, who is 70.

MacDonald and his wife, who is from the Philippines originally just decided to move back to her native country and left Maine in October. Frye says they were in East Palo, down the beach away from Tacloban.

Frye is hoping distributing his information via social media may help where other avenues have failed so far in reuniting her with her father.

Perhaps you can share his Facebook page with others.