There's nothing that makes you feel better about winter weather in the forecast than a compilation of people and vehicles slipping and sliding, right? Well, this is an excellent one! You have to check out the bull. I'm not going to tell you why. Just...check it out!

Other than the cow, I have a couple of favorites. The newscaster who ends up with snow down her back, front, and everything else is funny. And even more amusing is imagining how hard that plow driver had to have been laughing! And then there's the idiot who decides to jump off the diving board. The water DID look awfully smooth and calm!

As bad as I feel for many of these folks, who must have been quite sore the next day, it's still pretty funny to watch. And, hey, we can't STOP the winter weather from coming. These situations won't be funny if they happen to us. But it sure is funny watching others!