I've just recently become a huge fan of 'The Walking Dead.' And so, when I saw a quiz on Facebook that asked 'Which Walking Dead Character Are You," I had to take it. And I got my favorite character! Cool! Which one are you? Take the quiz and find out!

I love a lot of the characters on Walking Dead, but Daryl is, by far, my favorite. He can be tough and mean but he has a sweet soul. I mean, the guy spent days looking for Carol's daughter! He can be hard-headed, but if you need someone to cover your back there is no one better than Daryl with that crossbow. Plus, he's just really hot!

So when I took the quiz, I was thrilled when my result was Daryl! I'd like to think I'd be as tough and resourceful as him in a similar situation. So which 'Walking Dead' character are you? Take the quiz and find out!