There's no need to be concerned next month if you see smoke billowing from portions of Acadia National Park.

Park officials are planning prescribed burns next month in order to preserve the cultural landscapes.

Acadia National Park Fire Operations Specialist Fred Mason says the burning operations are much less time-consuming than the traditional mowing methods and there are other benefits to burning as well.

"One of the goals is to stress the young bushes and trees to help maintain the grass and burning does that a little better than mowing and it also returns helpful nutrients to the soil," explains Mason.

The open fields are preserved by stressing the woody seedlings.

If the weather cooperates, the meadow locations targeted for burns next month are in the vicinity of Seawall, Ships Harbor, and Baker Island.

Mason says the burns also provide an opportunity for fire suppression training for park rangers and area fire departments.

If you have any concerns or questions about the burns you can contact Mason at (207) 288-8783.