Did you know that there's a Toy Hall of Fame? Several toys have been nominated for induction and you'd be surprised to learn how many are already classics. Which one do you like best?

I checked out the Toy Hall of Fame website today and was surprised by some of the toys that have already been inducted. Most surprising was 'The Stick.' No, that's not a cool toy that you missed out on. It's the thing you pick up in your yard! The description talks about how dogs and people alike play with sticks. I guess you can't argue with that!

Also in the Hall of Fame are toys like Barbie, G.I. Joe, Ball, Jump rope, the Game of Life, and the Easy Bake Oven. You can see the full list on the Hall of Fame Website.

Now, there are several more toys nominated to join their ranks. Take our poll and let us know which you think should be inducted!