If West Jet flew where I was flying, I would fly West Jet every time just because of their Christmas Miracle videos! Last year's video had West Jet setting up a video terminal where passengers could speak to Santa, and tell them what they wanted, and lo and behold, when they reached their destination, wrapped packages came down the baggage carousel, with their Christmas wishes granted!

This year, West Jet takes it up a notch, going to a poorer neighborhood in the Dominican Republic, a West Jet destination. In Nuevo Renacer, West Jet set up a sleigh, where villagers could talk to Santa. What they asked for was remarkably simple.

The next day, everyone was invited to a beach party where West Jet trucked in snow, and everyone had their first snowball fight! And sure enough, Santa was there, along with West Jetters bringing the gifts that the villagers asked for, including a horse for a villager who's horse had gone lame and needed it for his carriage!

Remember it's better to give than it is to receive!