The Aurora Borealis may bring a colorful light show to New England tonight! Otherwise known as the Northern Lights, they are beautiful and rare, so get a nap this afternoon and then stay up late!

According to AccuWeather, an Earth-directed solar flare could ignite the aurora borealis tonight, strong enough to reach as far south as Maryland in the East and Nebraska in the west. It's an expected X class solar flare which, while causing some beautiful lights in the sky, could also be disruptive to GPS, radio, satellite, and cellphone signals.

If you've never seen the Northern Lights, you really want to check it out tonight. Of course, you have to be somewhere dark and remote, away from the lights of town. I remember seeing them as a kid while I was visiting my grandparents in Washburn. They were so amazing and seemed magical!

The best time to view them tonight will be after midnight so, if you go to bed early, you might want to set your alarm. Here's hoping the Northern Lights are the only effect of this solar flare!