In the 2016-17 season, there were 22 Class A and 13 Class B Volleyball teams, but if the latest Maine Principal Association's proposal passes, there will be 3 classes for the 2017-18 season. According to the Portland Press Herald the proposal places 12 schools in Class A, ranging in size from Thornton Academy (enrollment of 1,412) to Marshwood (781). Class B would have 13 schools, ranging in size from Falmouth (696) to Wells (432). Class C would have 10 schools, ranging in size from Washington Academy (417) to Jonesport-Beals (67).

MDI, a Class A school would be placed in Class B, and Ellsworth, currently a Class B school, would remain in Class B. MDI could petition to play up in Class A if desired.

The rational behind the proposed change is to help with travel costs and to take into consideration the fact that the largest growth in the sport is occurring in Southern Maine.

The proposal passed unanimously on Thursday, November 3rd by the Maine Principal Association's Volleyball Committee. The proposal then heads to the Maine Principal Association's Classification Committee and if approved, to a vote by the Maine Principal Association's membership in April 2017 for ratification.