The summer onslaught of MDI is back!  But, we've found a few affordable and unique places to stay.

Reservations are filling up quickly aorund here, as tourists both near and far will be making the pilgrimage to downeast Maine for their vacations, if they haven't already.  Local media has recently reported that site reservations at our Maine State Parks have filled up quicker this year than anyone can remember, and the same goes for local rentals on sites like Airbnb.

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Just for kicks we logged onto to Airbnb today to see what's currently available the first week of summer on Mount Desert Island and the immediate area from that Sunday, June 20th, until the following Friday, June 25th.  Money was the first thing on our mind, so we went for the most affordable, and of course when cash is the first priority, things become a little more "rustic."

Airbnb's Still Available The 1st Week Of Summer on Mount Desert Island

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