Maine's winter hasn't only been about snow. It's also been about ice. Huge icicles are hanging off houses and public buildings and, as one Portland resident discovered, are making parking hazardous. Ice falling on his car could have killed him.

Ice described as being the size of end tables fell through the front and back windows of Adam Sousa's car on Sunday. The ice slid off the roof of the five-story building next to where he parked. One chunk landed on the passenger side dashboard and, according to the AP, was too heavy to lift.

Sousa told the Portland Press Herald that his insurance company won't pay for the damages and that he needs the car to get to his job. Police say the building won't be cited. So that leaves the question, who's responsible for paying for the damages?

Sousa shared this video on his Facebook page, taken by Amanda Drinkwater. The damage is scary. And it's an excellent reminder to be careful where you park right now. I know, for me, I'll be parking at the back of our lot tomorrow, instead of up against the building where my car is now! Especially since I'm looking out the window at icicles that are hanging over my car, three stories up!