The Ellsworth Police Department has posted on their Facebook page that "unsafe and destructive behavior" has been reported and observed at the new Knowlton Park on State Street, and they are asking your help to prevent it.

The post mentions that bikes and skateboards, both of which are not to be used within the park, are being used on the pathways and also on the splash pad, which has intricate sprinkler heads that could easily be broken.  Park observation cameras, which provide a live picture back to the police station have recorded young kids "climbing the poles and sitting in the open roof rafters in the pergola area and much more."  The post also states that while the kids were climbing the rafters, adults were "looking on."

Even with the live action cameras providing video to the EPD which is located less than a half-mile away, the post asks that you report any "unsafe and destructive" activity by calling 667-2168.

Funds were collected over a two year period through many different fund raising efforts by individuals and organizations to tear down the old Knowlton School and build what has turned into the City's premiere park. Hundreds enjoy the park every week.

DJ Fred photo