This past Sunday's 'True Blood' season 6 premiere "Who Are You, Really" may not have debuted to the critical or commercial fanfare of previous seasons, but the coming weeks will kick the new season into high gear with a number of character premieres, both new and returning. Not seen since season 2, Anna Camp's Sarah Newlin will be back in action, but how does she return after all this time?

According to TVGuide, Sarah Newlin will return in the June 30 episode "You're No Good," having "written a best-selling book about what it means to be a Christian fighting vampires," Camp told the outlet. "And she's working her way into politics, because she's craving more power and fame."

But what will she make of her former Fellowship of the Sun leader husband having reinvented himself as a gay vampire and public face of the AVL? "Sarah is not happy about what's become of him and confronts him head-on," Camp teased. As for Steve's own response, "he's not really in a position to be able to speak." Uh-oh! Might it have something to do with Steve's precarious position in the latest photos?

Of course, Sarah will also run afoul of her former flame Jason Stackhouse, as Camp cryptically explained "there's a scene where I come over to his house after a long, hard day and things ensue." Well, she wouldn't be the first unexpected visitor Jason found at his door.

We'll keep you updated with the latest 'True Blood' season 6 spoilers, but in the meantime what say you? Are you anxious to see Sarah Newlin return to pick up where the premiere might have let us down? Tell us what you want from the new season in the comments, after the below photos of Sarah's return!

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