Troop Greeter Bill Knight has died. According to the Bangor Daily, the 91-year-old passed away on Christmas Day at the Maine Veteran’s Home in Bangor.

Knight, along with Jerry Mundy and Joan Gaudet, was featured in the documentary ‘The Way We Get By.’ The film about three senior citizens who volunteered as Troop Greeters at Bangor International Airport was produced by Gita Pullapilly and her husband Aaron Gaudet.

Senator Susan Collins remembered Bill Knight in a statement:

"I am saddened to learn of the death of Bill Knight.  In 2009, I had the privilege of welcoming Bill, along with Joan and Jerry, to a special screening of the documentary, "The Way We Get By" that I hosted at the United States Capitol.  In addition, the audience included members of Congress and leaders of the volunteer community, along with military personnel, veterans and their families, and Dr. Jill Biden, the wife of our Vice President.  I remember how pleased Bill was with the film, but I especially remember how proud he was of all of the young Americans who leave the comfort and security of home to defend our freedom and to extend the blessing of freedom to others.  Bill was a patriotic American who gave of himself to honor and support our men and women in uniform.  His dedication will be remembered."

Rest in peace, sir. Thank you for your service.