Are you or do you know someone who is over 90 years old and lives in the Town of Tremont? The Town of Tremont is looking to present their oldest resident with the Boston Post Cane!

According to a notice that the Town of Tremont placed in the Mount Desert Islander, the Boston Post Cane tradition was established in 1909 by the Boston Post newspaper. A special cane was given to the Board of Selectmen in hundreds of New England towns, to be presented as a honor to each town's oldest citizen.

The holder of the cane must be 90 years or older and must reside in the Town of Tremont for a reasonable number of years. The term "resident" refers to a person who has physically resided at a fixed, permanent and principal home in Tremonth.

If you are or know of a resident who may be eligible to receive the Boston Post Cane, please contact the Town Clerk, Katie Dandurand, at 244-7204 or stop by the Town Office

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