A young couple or a single adult may initially think of adopting a baby, but in all reality, there are many children of all ages within our state waiting to be adopted.  Here are just a few, and information available about many more.

Maine needs more adoptive parents, and those willing to take care of children waiting who are waiting to be adopted by providing a Foster home.  Further information can be obtained at the State Of Maine Office Of Child And Family Services website.

Here's a few of the smiling faces of Maine kids that we found at AdoptUSKids! For more information about these children, use the Case ID# provided at the AdoptUSKids site.  If you're really interested, then make an inquiry by creating an account HERE.

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    8 years old

    Case #ME060511

    From AdoptUSKids.org:

    Eight year old Ethan is very athletic and full of energy! Ethan enjoys playing sports, such as soccer, basketball, hockey, and being active. Ethan is a natural runner. Ethan enjoys playing pass, kicking a ball and jumping on a trampoline. Ethan likes playing with legos and building things. Ethan can be very helpful in many ways. Ethan is currently in the 3rd grade and is very bright.

    Ethan enjoys playing with other children. Ethan has several biological siblings so has been used to playing with others. Ethan thrives on spending quality time with a parent whether it is doing an outside activity or watching a movie together. Ethan has a kind heart and likes to please others.

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    12 years old


    From AdoptUSKids.org:

    Julianna was born in October of 2004. She is a blond, blue eyed girl. She likes to be called Julie. She loves praise and rewards. She loves to play outside, nature and the outdoors and likes to go on the side-by-side with her foster parents. Julianna loves to do crafts and to draw. She loves to play games, watching movies and watching TV. She loves animals, especially dogs. She would like to be with someone who likes the things she likes and doing these activities with her. Julianna wants a forever home.

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    14 years old

    CaseID# ME021

    From AdoptUSKids.org:

    Joshua, is a handsome young man with warm brown eyes and a friendly smile.

    Joshua is currently in the 6th grade and enjoys school very much.

    Josh enjoys playing outside; he enjoys playing basketball in the yard, swimming and going to the beach to name a few favorites. Joshua is very interested in farm life and particularly enjoys the animals and machinery. He enjoys playing with his classmates. He also very much enjoys the attention of adults. He has a good sense of humor and an upbeat personality.

    If you are interested in knowing more about Joshua, please contact his caseworker Nancy Bolduc at nancy.bolduc@maine.gov; #(207) 822-2289 or at DHHS 151 Jetport Blvd, Portland, ME 04102. Adoption subsidy may be available.

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    16 years old

    Case ID# ME031445325

    From AdoptUSKids.org:

    Meet Kasandra, age 16. She is an adorable young lady, with a great smile.

    She enjoys praise and affection. She is a caring, kind young teen who has a lot of empathy for other people. Kasandra likes to please others by volunteering to help out. Kasandra is very affectionate and likes to be close to her caregiver by reading on the couch, getting her hair done, swimming and getting and receiving hugs.

    Kasandra’s enjoys being “hands-on”, and her favorite subjects are Art and Gym.

    Kasandra engages will with adults that she sees as nurturing and comforting. She would do best in a home with only one other child and with a family able to provide structure and consistency.

    Kasandra enjoys being active including taking walks, swimming, horseback riding lessons and going to the mall. Kasandra is creative and enjoys arts & crafts, cooking, singing and getting her nails done! Kasandra also likes down time as well including reading books, watching cartoons, and movies, making puzzles and playing board games. She loves Sponge Bob and Dora. Kasandra enjoys music and loves listening to the band, One Direction. Her favorite color is pink and she recently learned she likes driving a go-kart! Kasandra loves animals too!

    Adoption subsidy may be available through DHHS for the most appropriate family.

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    9 years old

    Case ID# ME041500728

    From AdoptUSKids.org:

    Adyn was born in August of 2007 and is a very intelligent, affectionate, energetic, and polite young man. Adyn likes to listen to music, go sliding, play outside, and swim. He would like to learn how to snowboard and has tried to make one for himself. He also likes to cook and make cookies. He also enjoys playing board games and computer games, although he sometimes gets frustrated with the board games. Adyn also likes to cuddle and have books read to him.

    Adyn is a very independent person and able to play alone very well. He is a good person and can be very helpful when it is something he wants to do.

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    12 years old

    Case ID# ME041448887

    From AdoptUSKids.org:

    Daryn, 11 years old, is a very energetic child who enjoys spending time in the outdoors. He has many interests such as swimming, fishing, 4-wheeling, camping, and participating in extracurricular activities such as soccer or basketball. Daryn enjoys his independence. He loves video games and learning about history such as the presidents.

    Daryn thrives in a family setting and has been exposed to many family gatherings. He would like to remain connected with his current foster family, as they are like grandparents to them. Daryn would benefit from a loving home that could provide structure and positive attention, and where the family has a lot of patience.