How hard can it be? Running across a line of lobster crates sounds easy. Of course, they're floating in the water, and you're in your stocking feet. Now that's challenging!

As many years as I've attended the Maine Lobster Festival in Rockland, I have to admit that I've never seen the 'International Great Crate Race.' I've eaten plenty of lobster. And I even saw the Dixie Chicks in concert when they were just breaking into Country Music. (They were awesome, by the way!)

But I've always wanted to make it down to see people of all ages attempt to run the lobster crates across the water. I mean, think about the talent this feat would require. First, you're in your stocking feet and the crates can be slippery. Plus, when you step on them, they dunk or tip, depending on what part of the crate you step on. And, if you fall, you're going to land in the very chilly ocean water. Oh yeah, and there are a lot of people watching you do it!

My admiration goes to anyone brave enough to attempt it. And especially to those who do it successfully! I would end up in the question!

The Maine Lobster Festival is going on now through Sunday in Rockland. A complete schedule can be found on the event's website. As for the International Great Crate Race, it's being held Sunday at 2 p.m.