Oh my is it hot! Last night was a pretty tough night to sleep. We are lucky in that we have a air conditioner in the bedroom. So we gathered up all the dogs and put them in the bedroom with us.

Henley normally doesn't sleep in our room. It may be from the first night we brought him home, and Bob growled at him from on top of our bed. Ever since, he'll poke his head in, but won't come in. Bonnie and I didn't want him sleeping downstairs where it was 84, so we coaxed him in, and shut the door.

He was standing by the door for awhile and eventually lay down, and I think had a good night's sleep, because I didn't hear him pacing around, but when I woke up at 3:30 he was standing by the door, and quickly went out into Craig's room (Craig is in Chicago right now) and slept on the floor.

This morning, it was still 82 in the living room, and it was 80 at 8 AM. So I went out and bought a children's pool, and filled it and put it on the back deck. Henley was a bit resistant but as you can see, he was climbing in and out and having a great time! He even sat in the pool!

After I finished mowing the lawn, I climbed in with him and just got my feet wet, but boy did it feel good!

Meanwhile Bob hasn't climbed into the pool, but he was taking advantage of the nice weather and enjoying a good brushing on the deck! Doesn't he look comfortable?