The Charlie Daniels Band will perform at the Balsam Valley Amphitheater in Columbia Falls Saturday, sponsored by Wreaths Across America. I had the chance to chat with Charlie earlier this week. We talked about his dedication to Veterans and why he's not answering questions about the Confederate Flag.

A true Southern gentleman, Charlie is a class act. We had scheduled an interview for Friday, July 3rd. But, somehow, (and I'm told this NEVER happens) Charlie missed my number on his list of interview information, and never called. His manager set up a new appointment on Tuesday and Charlie called this time, opening the conversation with 'Let me apologize. I don't know HOW I did that!'

The 78-year-old started out telling me about his 'small ranch' where he said they raise White-faced cattle, Paints, and Quarter Horses. He talked about how he loves having this haven where he can do whatever he wants, whether its fishing, shooting guns, golfing, or riding horses. But, he said, he also loves to tour and play his music every night. He said getting up and performing in front of an audience is one of his favorite things.

Then I asked him about the Journey Home Project, a charity founded by Charlie, that works to make the transition from active military and war zones, to returning home easier. He talked about how unreal it must feel to be in fear for your life one day, and within a day or two find yourself surrounded by people whose biggest worry is what they're going to watch on TV that night. The project does everything from helping provide college educations to a recent project where they helped a veteran, who was sleeping on the floor, furnish his home.

But when I asked this proud Southerner about the recent controversy over the Confederate flag, he declined to answer. Or rather, he asked me to go to his website and read the response listed under the 'soapbox' tab. See, Charlie's a very smart man. He knows how easily his words could be twisted, or how often celebrities get caught with leading questions. So he's written down a very well-thought out and eloquently expressed response.

The Charlie Daniels Band will appear this Saturday at the Balsam Valley Amphitheater in Columbia Falls, sponsored by Wreaths Across America. This very worthy organization travels to Washington D.C. every winter to place wreaths on the graves of soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery. Opening for the CDB will be Maine's own Danny Harper.

The gates to the Balsam Valley Amphitheater in Columbia Falls will open at 4:00 and tickets start at $25. Veterans and Active Military Members are encouraged to attend for free. And Gold Star families are encouraged to tag a tree for a living monument to their lost loved ones. Proceeds from the concert will help Wreaths Across America make their annual pilgrimage to Arlington. Charlie said he'll be playing plenty of favorites, along with a few surprises, so I thought I'd add a video of one of my favorite CDB tunes!