Hopefully, little Maggie Rudnicki and her mom Lauren will be on their way home to Maine tomorrow, October 15th. Things were a little dicey yesterday, as Maggie was throwing up her meds, and was unable to keep anything down.

From Maggie's mom, talking about Sunday, October 13th

Maggie's day consisted of throwing up, 4 hours in the ER, a tube put down her nose & into her stomach, X-rays then more throwing up. Yet she has still been smiling tonight. I love her so much..she is so brave. Night meds went a billion times better with the tube. Wish we had done it sooner.


When I spoke with Lauren this morning, she did say the plan is still to return home to Maine tomorrow, provided Maggie doesn't throw up again. She'll just come home with the nasal tube in place.

Keep your prayers and good thoughts coming! This family needs to come home to Maine and be reunited!