Ready for some great news? At Maggie's clinic appointment on Monday, September 9th, they drew blood to test the bone marrow, and to see who's blood cells were being produced.., Maggie's or Lucas'. The goal in the transfusion was for Maggie's body to start to produce Lucas' blood cells. Well, the results are in, and it's 100 per cent Lucas' blood! Hip! Hip! Hooray!

This is a huge step to getting Maggie and Lauren back home to Maine where they can rejoin the entire family.

Speaking of home, a tough break for Ethan, literally!

No sooner had Ethan made the middle school soccer team, than he broke his right wrist. Unfortunately he won't be able to play this fall, and hopefully he'll be recovered to play hockey this season.

If you'd like to send Ethan a get well card, you can send it to the Neely House at the following address. The family gets together weekly, and that way mom can make sure he receives the cards!

The Neely House Attention: Lauren Rudnicki 750 Washington St Boston, Ma 02111