Today marks Day 100 for Maggie Rudnicki, but PRAYERS ARE NEEDED ASAP!!!!

Maggie broke her central line, and right now the family is rushing to Boston, so that it can be surgically repaired. Please spend a moment and offer up a prayer, or a good feeling for this family that have been through so much! We will keep you posted as we hear how the procedure went!

This was Lauren's (Maggie's Mom) post earlier this morning reflecting on Day 100

Today is a major milestone for our family as we happily welcome day +100! 100 days ago from right now I was waiting for Lucas to be taken into the operating room..scared out of my mind and wondering if we had done the right thing. The past 100 days haven't been easy but we have come so far and Maggie has proven what a fighter she is time and time again. I am so thankful to be sitting here cuddling with my little girl who has red blood cells, unbelievable energy, and pretty pink lips. Lucas will never fully understand the gift he has given us! Happy day 100!!!