The MDI Girl's Cross Country Team finished 5th in the State Cross Country Meet held at the Troy C. Howard Middle School in Belfast on Saturday, November 5th. MDI's Tia Tardy finished 2nd in the State Class B Meet. The Ellsworth Girl's Cross Country Team finished 11th.

Abigail Hamilton from Yarmouth won the race with a time of 18:05.31 and Greely High School finished 1st.  The full list of times and finishes may be found HERE

Here are the MDI and Ellsworth times in the Class B State Meet.....

MDI High School
2. Tia Tardy 18:14.48
29. Katelyn Osborne 20:32.85
35. Emma Strong 20:38.41
46. Louise Chalplin 21:19.63
58. Olivia Watson 21:46.53
60. Emmy Banks 21:50.35
61. Ellie Bridgers 21:51.48

Ellsworth High School
16. Trinity Montigny 19:59.09
39. Caitlin MacPherson 20:56.68
84. Emma McKechnie 23:25.80
90. Kristen Moseley 24:00.30
96. Katelynn Bagley 25:14.60
98. Kayla Agaman 25:36.95
100. Chelsea Lounder 26:08.36