Super Bowl

Super Bowl 50 Half Time Show [VIDEO/POLL]
I loved the Super Bowl 50 Half Time Show. It was advertised that Coldplay was going to perform, but at the last minute I found out there were going to be guest appearances by Beyonce and Bruno Mars, and I think they really made it fantastic...
Lady Gaga Sings National Anthem at Super Bowl 50 [VIDEO]
If all you think of when you hear Lady Gaga's name is of her in her meat outfit, you'll want to think again! Lady Gaga absolutely sang the National Anthem at Super Bowl 50 on Sunday, February 7th.
In my opinion, when you talk about singing the National Anthem, Lady Gaga and Whitney Houston …
Puppies Predict Super Bowl 50 [VIDEO]
9 Puppies... 2 Bowls of Dog Food. One bowl was for the Panthers one for the Broncos. Jimmy Fallon let loose 9 puppies on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and according to the puppies the Denver Broncos are going to win in a landslide...
Katy Perry Halftime [VIDEO – POLL]
Did you miss Katy Perry's halftime Super Bowl performance? You can see it again above, in it's entirety. Personally I thought it was a great performance, worthy of the Super Bowl! My Facebook feed initially was mostly negative, so I want your opinion
dear kitten- big game explained
The cat is back, with instructions to the kitten regarding the Big Game this Sunday! It's the day that things get weird in the house! The humans try to take up as much room as they can  in the dumbest looking ways. The humans bring out a cornucopia of human moist food, with the objective o…
SNL Takes on Inflategate [VIDEO]
Oh you knew this was going to happen! Everyone I was talking to was eagerly anticipating Saturday Night Live because we knew that SNL would give us something on Inflategate and they didn't disappoint, nor make us wait long, as the open was devoted to a press conference by Bill Belichick, Tom Br…
Tom’s Got Flat Balls [VIDEO]
Oh, they're going to make Tom Brady mad, and the Seahawks don't want a mad Tom Brady and mad Patriots!
That being said, this is hysterically funny! Now... let's grind those Seahawks and show them that the Patriots have big balls!

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