Fort Knox

Maine Family Takes Amazing Video Of The Penobscot Narrows Bridge
A Maine family that has a passion for sightseeing and adventures, has their own YouTube channel that highlights their trips, and their latest is a must for anyone who loves bridges! "The Maine Mouse" took the trip and walking tour of the observatory, and captured some pretty great …
Hey! Are You Good with a Chainsaw?
It's been said people volunteer for different reasons and there are volunteer opportunities that match any interest.
Well, if you're good with a chain saw, and like scaring the BLEEP out of people, Fort Knox in Prospect has a volunteer job for you!
Fort Knox Public Meeting Regarding Proposed Fence
Major Stephen Lavallee, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has organized an informational meeting regarding a proposed fence project at Fort Knox. Friends of the Fort believe the proposed fencing will have an adverse effect on the historic landscape of the fort.