America's Got Talent is my wife's and my favorite show in the summer. There are some very, very talented performers on it this season. Last night, August 2nd was the Quarterfinals and things went horribly wrong for one act on live television.

Ryan Stock and AmberLynn are a team with Ryan swallowing swords, sticking things up his nose... Just completely gross and crazy. They had advanced through to the Quarterfinals despite many of the judges looking at their act through their hands, shielding their vision from the entire act.

Then last night, after swallowing a curved sword, Ryan prepared to catch a flaming arrow in his mouth, that was going to be shot by AmberLynn. There was a tube in his mouth, that the flaming arrow was supposed to be shot in. Up on the ladder, AmberLynn took aim with a laser sighting. The problem was that she missed, and shot Ryan in the neck.

The good news... He was checked by medics and they announced that he was ok. Hopefully he'll be able to be on the results show tonight, and we will see if they advance to the semifinals.