A post went up on author Stephen King's website today, announcing that the Master of Horror would be writing for 'The Walking Dead.' Okay, that's not hard to imagine. In fact, it would be cool! But, when you click into the story, the news is not good. And it's not true, King confirmed Wednesday afternoon! (We knew it all along, though, Stephen.)

JR brought it to my attention this morning, when he saw it on Facebook. We checked out the link and read the opening, that claimed King would be writing 'a series' for Season 6. Okay, that's pretty cool, we thought. (that has, since, been changed to 'an episode')

But then you read on, and the post says three major characters will die, including one who carries a crossbow! NO! Not Daryl! Anyone who's listened to me in the morning knows that I'd stop watching 'Walking Dead' if Daryl were killed. JR and I discussed whether it's real. Or perhaps an April Fool's Joke?

I decided to do a little snooping. I commented on the post 'April Fool's?' and my comment was deleted by the moderator. Next, I went to King's Facebook page and found the link, with a lot of comments from people who realized it was a prank. I mean, think about it....the confidentiality on that show is incredible. They even put the actor who plays Morgan up in a remote bed and breakfast once, so no one would leak that he would be on the episode. There's no WAY they'd leak THIS!

Bottom line....this is a great prank from a man who is capable of much more than freaking us out. Or is he? I mean, this was funny. But seriously freaked me out at first! Regardless, very funny!