The quick thinking of a Maine State Trooper saved a man from a heroin overdose during a routine traffic stop. Trooper Doug Cropper had pulled the vehicle over because the driver was speeding.

It was early Friday morning when Trooper Cropper said he pulled the vehicle over for speeding on Interstate 295 in Portland. He says he wrote up a ticket while sitting in his cruiser but, when he returned to the other car, noticed the driver was turning blue and didn't appear to be breathing.

Police say Cropper pulled the man out of the vehicle and started performing CPR. An emergency room nurse stopped and helped him. The Trooper then gave the man a drug overdose antidote, before he was taken to the hospital.

Cropper says he's grateful that he made the traffic stop and that the man thanked him for saving his life. Police say the man was issued a citation and drug charges are possible.