went down once again, after recovering yesterday from hackers that knocked it off the internet. And, once again, the hacker group known as Vikingdom2015 is claiming responsibility, saying it hoped to have the site offline for five hours today.

In Tweets from around 8:00 Tuesday morning, the group that claims to be from Russia asks why Maine is not fighting back. In another Tweet, Vikingdom2015 thanks 'other hackers' for helping them knock offline.

On Monday, Maine's state website went down briefly. Secretary of State Matt Dunlap confirmed that the site was taken down out by an 'external attack.' So far, there's no indication why hackers have targeted Maine's website. This same group claims responsibility for taking sites offline for the State of New Hampshire and Oklahoma City, among others.

The first Tweet today stating that was down was posted at round 6:30 ET. The site was back up and running three hours later.