Someone who played numbers in yesterday's Powerball lottery will be a million dollars richer once they turn in their ticket.

We all dream about it. What would we do if we won a huge lottery jackpot. Buy a new house? Quit working? Get a fancy new car? Put it in the bank and forget about it until we need it? Well, for one Maine resident, they need to start making some plans.

It's not clear exactly where the million dollar ticket was sold, but someone in Maine is now in possession of a Powerball ticket that could change their life. WABI-TV reports the ticket matches the five numbers in white, but not the Powerball or Powerplay. That makes it worth a cool million.

As for the $731 million dollar jackpot, one person in Maryland is probably never going to work again. This is the first time someone has won the jackpot since September. Imagine waking up in the morning and realizing that you're $731 million dollars richer. I mean, that's enough money that you're children's children's children would never want for anything. My  kids would be kicking up their heels over the inheritance.

Did you buy a Powerball ticket this week? Check the numbers soon. Here are Wednesday night's Powerball numbers:

40-53-60-68-69. The Powerball number is 22 and the Powerplay is 3x.

The winner will now need to contact the Maine Lottery offices and make an appointment to pick up their prize. (nope, they can't cash this one in at the supermarket) Due to the pandemic, lottery officials are no longer allowing people too walk into their offices. Find more information on the Maine Lottery website.

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