Can't you just hear it? We aren't afraid of no stinking snow! Some brave MDI Trojan athletes scaled the snow banks at Mount Desert Island High School to show Mother Nature that they're ready to play and get outdoors for the Spring Sport's Season.

Luckily, there's a little time before the Spring Sports Season can begin, so Mother Nature can consider letting Spring arrive as scheduled on March 20th. But, it's going to take some serious sunshine to melt all the snow!

Baseball and Softball's season will start on March 23rd with eight pitchers and 2 catchers able to report. The first full practices can begin on March 30th and the first countable games begin on April 6th.

The Tennis team can begin outdoor practices on March 31st and that's the day that the Outdoor Track Team can begin practices as well.

Unless Mother Nature gets her head on straight, I'm thinking Bernard Parady Gymnasium is going to be a very busy place early Spring!