Turn on the TV, and the meteoroligists are just salivating with the thought of snow this weekend, October 31- November 2nd! According to the US National Weather Service in Caribou  on average, Bangor gets its first measurable snow November 19th, although it has come as early as October  9th and as late as December 24th.

Their forecast for next Saturday, and chance of snow?

We do have a shot at snow around Saturday. At this point, anyone who tells you it will definitely snow or definitely not snow is not telling you the truth! The truth is, the setup is conducive for perhaps some snow (or a rain/snow mix) around Saturday, but it's just too early to say much for sure. What we CAN say with confidence is that the coldest air of the season moves in behind Saturday's possible system. We're talking HIGHS Sunday and Monday probably in the low to mid 30s for Northern Maine and low 40s Downeast!


So what do you think?