The return of Kristen Wiig to the SNL stage meant the resurrection of several great characters, including the Target Lady, her role on The Californians and, of course, Kat of "Garth and Kat" fame. The world's worst musical duo made an appearance on Weekend Update and it was as funny as it has ever been.

For those unfamiliar with Garth and Kat, the joke is that they're a musical act who fail to prepare at every turn, meaning that their improvised-on-the-spot songs are stunningly, amazingly awful. As Garth, Fred Armisen improvises lyrics and song titles and as Kat, Kristen Wiig tries to keep up and play along. Across the desk, it's Weekend Update host Seth Meyers' job to react and try to keep a straight face (something that Armisen and Wiig have a hard time doing themselves). This time around, the duo are on hand to promote a Mother's Day themed album and the results are typically (and hilariously) disastrous.

With Kristen Wiig gone, we wish that SNL would create more characters like this. Although the writing on the show is generally pretty sharp, there is nothing quite like watching two talented comedians just riff with each other. After all, the biggest laughs on SNL generally come when something is so funny and unexpected that one of the cast members breaks character.