has released their list of the 'Laziest States In America'. To create their 'lazy index' they factored in the lowest average hours worked, shortest commute time, fewest workers per household, highest unemployment rate and fewest adults with a college degree.

According to their list, New Mexico is the laziest state in America.

Maine came in 17th out of the 50 states. Mainers have an average commute time of 24 minutes and we work an average of 37.9 hours per week.

The top ten laziest states are:

1. New Mexico
2. Kentucky
3. Michigan
4. Arkansas
5. Alabama
6. Ohio
7. Oregon
8. Mississippi
9. Idaho
10. West Virginia

The ten least lazy states in America:

1. Maryland
2. Virginia
3. New Jersey
4. New Hampshire
5. Colorado
6. Hawaii
7. Massachusetts
8. Alaska
9. North Dakota
10. Texas

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