Principal Matt Haney has shared with us an email that was sent to MDI High School Families on Thursday, November 17th, regarding heightened security protocols for Friday, November 18th. These steps are being taken as a proactive response aligned with public safety officials to keep students and staff safe. There is no specific or credible threat and it is SAFE to send your children to school. His letter....

Dear MDI High School Families
We have become aware of a circumstance outside of the school community that has led us to employ heightened security protocols for this coming Friday, November 18th. The physical and emotional safety of our students and staff is the highest priority. The plan below is a precautionary measure that has been developed in coordination with local and county-wide law enforcement agencies.

  • An officer form the Bar Harbor Police Department will be on campus for the duration of the school day.
  • Beginning at 8:30 all doors, including the main entrance will be locked. Staff will be in the main lobby to provide entry to appropriate family members and visitors.
  • All students will remain inside from the time they arrive at school until the end of day.
  • Students and staff whose classroom is outside the main building will be relocated into the main building.
  • Any drop offs by bus or private vehicle after the morning runs will occur directly in from the of the main entrance where the police officer will be stationed.

An individual who is presently incarcerated is scheduled to be released from prison Friday. This individual has ties to the Hancock County area and is subject to conditions of release. It is important everyone know we have no knowledge of any specific or credible threat to any student, staff, or MDIRSS school

The performance of Tarzan the Musical on Friday evening will NOT be impacted by these measures. Community members will be able to come to the main office and purchase tickets to the State Football Final from 8AM to 12 Noon. They will have to knock on the door to gain admission.