Now, before you think this is something inappropriate, 'Saved by the Balls' is the name of the Townsquare Media kickball team! Grown adults gathering together, once a week, to play that playground game of our youth. And, you know, it's still fun!

We play in a league created by Fusion:Bangor, a networking group that works to pull people out of social media and get them involved in face-to-face fun and educational activities. The organization plans events like this, but is also currently holding a series of breakfasts with political candidates, where folks from the Bangor area can learn more about the people running for office.

So far, our record is 0 and 3, but we're getting better! The game shown in the video was against the folks from Woodlands in Brewer and we only lost by one run. And that point was scored in the last second of the game!

It's fun, exciting, and takes all of us back to those playgrounds of our youth. And reminds us that we're SO much older than we were then!