This week we are featuring a very special girl named Sapporo!

Sapporo is a very shy and quiet girl that likes to do her own thing. We estimate that she is about 1-2 years old. She came to us a stray with 5 other cats that she lived with, so she does enjoy being around other cats and appears to be more comfortable that way.

Sapporo is in one of the free roaming rooms at the SPCA shelter and spends a lot of time with other cats, when she is approached by humans she still remains a little shy and runs away. But, if you are slow around her she will come around sometimes.

Sapporo is looking for a nice quiet home to spend her time with possibly other, more confident cats, and someone who is willing to spend plenty of time with her to try and show her people are not scary.

To meet Sapporo or any of the other dogs and cats that they have available at the SPCA of Hancock County, visit the  shelter at 141 Bar Harbor in Trenton. You can also call at 667-8088 or visit online at