The buzz at Indianapolis Motor Speedway tonight isn’t just coming from the motors of the finely tuned cars out on the track.  This Modern Philosopher has just learned that there has been a last minute entry into tomorrow’s annual running of the Indianapolis 500, and I have decided that the rookie driver is the new favorite to win the race.

Marty McFly, who has been added to the field with a heretofore unheard of Special Sponsor’s Exemption, will be representing Team Clocktower in a very unusual car.  Apparently, the exemption also allows McFly to race in a 1981 DeLorean DMC-12, rather than the usual Indy Car.

While veteran drivers were clearly miffed when informed of the eleventh hour entry, none of them seemed to care after they got a look at the car the new kid on the track plans to race.  “I doubt that thing could do the speed limit, let alone get up to 145 mph,” said one anonymous driver in reference to the average speed seen on the track for the big race.  “Hell, I bet that thing won’t make it five laps without breaking down.”

Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown, McFly’s crew chief laughed when I told him about the comments made by the other drivers.  “This car doesn’t need to go 145 mph to win the race,” Doc explained to me as he slipped out of his unique yellow protective suit, which looked a lot like the outfit people wore when dealing with radioactive materials.  “All we’ve got to do is get this baby up to 88 mph and the rest is history.”

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