In the interest of being prepared before heading to the polls, we've compiled a list of the six referendum questions that will appear on November's ballot.

I think it happens to voters more often than they'd like to admit. You step into that private cubicle, check off your favorite candidates, and then pull out the referendum sheet only to realize you've never heard of some of the questions that you now have to help decide. What do you do? Skip the question? Just vote 'yes' without really knowing what you're voting for? Either one is dangerous and could cost millions of dollars of taxpayer money, or change legislation in a way that you wouldn't have chosen.

So we've compiled a list of the six referendum questions that will appear on November's ballot in Maine. They are listed exactly how they will appear on the ballot, so read them carefully, and use the next few weeks to do your research. Remember, an informed citizen is an effective voter. If you're not sure where to vote in your community, you can find the information on

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    Question 1

    Do you want to allow the possession and use of marijuana under state law by persons who are at least 21 years of age, and allow the cultivation, manufacture, distribution, testing, and sale of marijuana and marijuana products subject to state regulation, taxation, and local ordinance?

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    Question 2

    Do you want to add a 3% tax on individual Maine taxable income above $200,000 to create a state fund that would provide direct support for student learning in kindergarten through 12th grade public education?

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    Question 3

    Do you want to require background checks prior to the sale or transfer of firearms between individuals not licensed as firearms dealers, with failure to do so punishable by law, and with some exceptions for family members, hunting, self-defense, lawful competitions, and shooting range activity?

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    Question 4

    Do you want to raise the minimum hourly wage of $7.50 to $9 in 2017, with annual $1 increases up to $12 in 2020, and annual cost-of-living increases thereafter; and do you want to raise the direct wage for service workers who receive tips from half the minimum wage to $5 in 2017, with annual $1 increases until it reaches the adjusted minimum wage?

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    Question 5

    Do you want to allow voters to rank their choices of candidates in elections for U.S. Senate, Congress, Governor, State Senate, and State Representative, and to have ballots counted at the state level in multiple rounds in which last-place candidates are eliminated until a candidate wins by majority?

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    Question 6

    Do you favor at $100,000,000 bond issue for construction, reconstruction and rehabilitation of highways and bridges and for facilities, equipment and property acquisition related to ports, harbors, marine transportation, freight and passenger railroads, aviation, transit and bicycle and pedestrian trails, to be used to match an estimated $137,000,000 in federal and other funds?

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