Do you recall the MDI Class of 2015's Senior Prank? Members of the Senior Class led by Haley Littlefield and Cordell Soper put post it notes all over Principal Matt Haney's office. It was great, and they were rumored to have used over 5000 post it notes. What made it even funnier was that the Department of Education arrived that morning for a site visit!

All in good fun, and the post it notes were cleaned up before the Department of Ed arrived in Mr. Haney's office.

Well, when I interviewed Matt Haney as part of the Meet the MDI Teacher program, he let me in on his own prank! It had to do with the awarding of diplomas and post it notes! And you can see, Matt Haney got a little post it note revenge, as Cordell's and Haley's diplomas were covered by... Yes you guessed it.. Post It Notes! Apparently Greta Smallidge was also pranked, although I don't have visual proof :)

Revenge is the dish best served cold! Well done Matt Haney! Congratulations to the Class of 2015!

Principal Matt Haney Pulls His Own Post It Note Prank on Cordell Soper and Haley Littlefield Photo Christine Fero-Soper