Living in Bangor, I had know comprehension of the amount of ice on the trees and power lines from the ice storm Down East. I drove down to Ellsworth this morning and stopped by the side of the road and took a few photos

It is supposed to be below or near zero tonight. Shelters are opening up throughout the area. Please consider going to one as your house may be unsafe to stay in without hear!

For the live power outage map click HERE

It's little wonder that so many Mainers are without power. Here's the latest power outage update from Bangor Hydro Electric

Description of Event: Icing
Estimated Number of Meters Affected: 32987  
Aroostook: 0
Hancock: 15136
Northern Penobscot/Piscataquis County: 0
Penobscot: 10461
Washington: 7390
Restoration Details:

Bangor Hydro customers should begin looking for alternate shelter if they are currently without power. All hands are on deck, but the ongoing weather conditions continued to cause power outages over night and this morning. With dropping temperatures, the public is asked to check on neighbors as well.The call center is extremely busy today, even with additional employees called in from other departments within the company. Customers can get updated information and report outages at or our mobile site at

Please be sure to use generators and alternate heat sources according to manufacturer's guidelines. Also, please refrain from touching fallen power lines and tree near or touching them.

Other Related Information: Customers may report outages or ask questions by calling our Customer Service Centers at 1-800-440-1111 (Bangor Hydro) and 877-655-4448 (Maine Public Service).
Estimated Time of Service Restoration: It will be the end of the day Friday before power is restored to all customers.
Estimated Time of Next Update: 4:00 p.m.