Man, just when I was up for a good King Dragon.

It always sucks when one of your favorite food joints shuts the door for an extended period of time, just ask anyone who bellys-up to the take-out window at Jordan's Snack Bar in Ellsworth for clams and ice cream during the warm summer months.  During the winter, days turn into weeks and then months, and before you know it you're cowering in the corner in a fetal position shaking like a leaf in a pool of your own sweat asking anyone that can hear you for onion rings.  Specifically, a large order of 'em.

Which bring us to this. One of the best pizza places in the downeast area has closed up shop for a month while the owners pack their bags and go on vacation to probably someplace warm and comfy, and that's Dragonfire in the Mill Mall.  For fans of wood-fired pizza it's a definite kick in the old strombolis.

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Now just like Pavlov's dog,  when a certain time of the week rolls around we've become conditioned as to what door to go through to squelch our inner Italian culinary pizza pie fantasies.  That door is now closed, and our nose is bloodied from running into it.

But fear not, the sign on the door assures us that when the tiki fire begins to burn low and the feeling of sand beneath one's feet becomes old news, the owners will return from vacation on March 15th and once again begin to dish out the meatballs and mozzarella.

We look forward to that day again. In the meantime, have a great vacation!


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