The families of two teens involved in a fatal car crash last year were in court today. A plea agreement for the surviving teen was agreed upon by the judge and the victim's family.

Samantha Goode was driving the station wagon last October when she lost control of the vehicle on the Bucks Mills Road and it struck a tree. Taylor Darveau, age 15 from Bucksport was taken to a local hospital where she died of her injuries.

Goode and Darveau had just left a function for the football team and cheerleaders. Darveu shouldn't have been in the car. Because Goode was a new driver, she was not legally allowed to have, in the car with her, anyone other than family members and drivers who had held a license for at least two years.

WABI reports, Goode accepted responsibility for her actions. She will spend 10 days in confinement, will do community service, and cannot drive for five years. Goode, who apologized to Darveau's family, will also spend time addressing other teen drivers about the dangers of reckless driving.