Crews have been on the scene of a house fire all afternoon. Four people were able to make it out of the house thanks, in part, to a passerby who helped move snow away from the front door.

At least one of the residents of 74 South Brewer Drive in Brewer was treated for minor smoke inhalation. The occupants were unable to exit the building without help because snow was blocking the door.

There's no word yet on the extent of the damage or how the fire started. Most of the damage appears to be in the area of an attached garage.

The State Fire Marshal's Office sent out a reminder to residents and business owners to be sure all exits are clear of ice and snow. Fire Marshal Joe Thomas says his investigators around the state have reported seeing many homes, businesses, and public buildings where snow is blocking emergency exits. Thomas said, "A blocked exit may be the only way out in times of fire and it's vital for the safety of residents to make sure all exits are usable."

Thomas also said as residents clear their exits, they should also make sure all vents to any heating sources are free of ice and snow, to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.