If you are a resident, employee or a business owner in Bar Harbor, you should probably attend the Parking Solutions Task Force's public hearing on Monday, November 28th at 6 PM in the Municipal Building, located at 93 Cottage Street in Bar Harbor. The draft report may be found HERE.

The task force is recommending Seasonal Paid Parking via kiosks in eight public parking lots and 204 meters on streets in the commercial district including

  • Along the length of Cottage Street (Both sides, totaling 143 spaces)
  • Both sides of West Street to Holland Avenue then metered parking on North Side to Eden Street (employee permit parking on South Side of West Street from Holland to Eden Street) (totaling 92 metered spaces)
  • Along Main Street to Park Street (Both sides and including RV Parking along the ball field, totaling 137 spaces) and
  • Along Mt. Desert Street, both sides in town and on the right side of the street leaving town from Kennebec Place to High Street (totaling 35 spaces)
  • Along Firefly Lane (totaling 5 spaces)

In addition there would be Seasonal On Street Permit parking for residents and employees on all other streets in the Downtown Commercial zones including Roberts, Kennebec and High Streets. Based on public input, additional streets, Spring, School and Ledgelawn may be considered for employee and resident permit parking. Non-resident business owners would be able to receive "employee" permits.

Seasonal On-Street Permit Parking for "residents only" on all streets outside of the three Downtown Commercial Zones and those listed above.

Consideration of the "Ferry Terminal" as satellite lot for employee parking by permit and negotiation for service by the Island Explorer

The seasonal time frame envisioned for paid parking in Bar Harbor would be Mid May to October 31st 8 AM to 8 PM 7 Days a week.