Friday night, November 11th will be a VERY busy night at MDI High School, what with the Trojans playing host to the Winslow Black Raiders in the Class C Regional North Finals and the opening of "Tarzan". As a result, MDI High School has put together the following parking plan....

Here are the specific guidelines for everyone involved to help this work.

CAST & CREW of Tarzan – Arrive by 4:45 and use parking spots that run in front of the Maine Entrance and the Superintendent's Office area.

FOOTBALL PLAYERS/COACHES/PEP BAND AND CHEERLEADERSArrive by 4:45 and park over where the back loading dock is and the buses normally park (all buses will be off campus)

GAME EVENT STAFF/MEDIA/SPORTS BOOSTERSArrive by 4:45 and park in front of the tennis courts.

FOOTBALL EVENT PARKING WILL OPEN AT 5:00 (Spectators please do not arrive before 5:00 pm) ADULT TICKETS ARE $5.00 and STUDENTS AND SENIORS. are $3.00

WORKERS will be placed at the top of the driveway directing traffic – You will be asked what event you’re attending and be directed to the specific area to park-

LOT #1 at the Football Stadium will be filled first for game Spectators – Cars for the game will be directed to the stadium parking area and asked to park in order.  Handicapped parking for the football game will be the designated handicapped spots in Lot 1.

ONCE Lot # 1 is full – Workers at the top of the driveway will begin directing Game spectators to the upper practice field parking Lot 2 (Please note that Lot 2 access is single lane and the lane is by the retention pond.  An Admission Ticket Booth will be set up for cars to purchase tickets on their way to LOT 2 – Workers will be in LOT 2 to direct parking. (IF LOT 2 Fills – we will access over flow parking in Lot 3). Lot 2 is by the press box of the Football field

TARZAN EVENT PARKING WILL OPEN AT 5:30The Box Office will open at 6:00 in the Gym Lobby- The Theater Doors will open at 6:00 – PLAY spectators will be directed to park in Lot 3 – The lot by the Gym.  Handicapped theater parking will be the regular handicapped parking spaces in the Gym lot.  (No theater parking is allowed by the loading dock or where the buses normally park – No parking for theater is allowed at the access road to the upper practice field.)

It is important for patrons to be patient and follow guidelines set up for the event.