Holy cow! The Boston Red Sox are finally making a move, drawing within 5 games of 1st place with a huge 3 game series against the New York Yankees Friday- Sunday July 10th - 12th, when this bombshell comes from Rob Bradford on weei.com. Big Papi is unhappy playing 1st base, and doesn't envision himself playing there much in the future.

“Hopefully not many,” said Ortiz when asked how many games he could envision himself playing at first going forward.

“To play defense you have to prepare yourself. I don’€™t know how this is going to go. I don’€™t know how this is going to play out. Tomorrow we have a day off and I agreed to play first base today. But if they plan on putting me out there more I have to sit down and talk to them about it because I don’€™t want to be playing out there, not being prepared to play out there, and now all of a sudden I end up getting injured and I lose it all. I have to sit down and talk to them to see what their plan is and go from there because I’€™m not a first baseman overall.”


Mike Napoli has been to put it kindly ineffective at the plate. The Red Sox want Ortiz's bat, as well as Hanley Ramirez's bat in the lineup. Alejandro De Aza is a much better left fielder than Ramirez. In fact the outfield of De Aza, Betts and Victorino can run down balls and is by far the best the Red Sox have right now.

So what do you think? Barring Brock Holt playing 1st base, should David Ortiz play 1st base? Take the poll!