Did you hear that parts of Northern Maine got snow on Saturday? Two days before Memorial Day, and there was enough snow to stick on the trees and roads. Listen in as one Mainer walks out on his porch to see snow covering everything. Good thing he bleeped part of this!

The first picture I saw on Saturday was of Perham, Maine, which is where my Dad grew up. I copied the picture and sent it to him. The response he sent back was that he was not only glad they'd moved south over 50 years ago, but also glad they he and my Mom had left Aroostook County the day before. They just missed the snow.

No offense to the folks in Aroostook County. It's beautiful country and I spent much of my childhood in Washburn, Wade, Woodland, and Caribou. But there's just nothing funny about snow in May! Well....that's not true. Rob Bridges' reaction is hilarious!