A devastating fire has destroyed multiple businesses in Seaside, New Jersey and caused millions of dollars in damages to a town that was just getting back on its feet after Hurricane Sandy. CBS News reports that the huge fire was finally stalled in the evening when firefighters ripped up a portion of the iconic boardwalk and filled the void with sand dunes.

The images are scary. A fire raging through wooden buildings that practically sit on top of each other, the Funtown sign being engulfed in flames, and firefighters on cherry pickers far above columns of black smoke.

This video is a compilation of the coverage on several TV stations and some still photos. I went through several news-coverage videos, but this one gives an overall view of the progress of the devastating fire that destroyed eight blocks, four each in Seaside Park and in Seaside Heights.

Millions in damages, dozens of businesses destroyed, but there's good news - no one was injured in the blaze. Our thoughts and prayers go out to a community that will once again try to rebuild.