This week, September 13-19 is National Housekeeping Week, honoring Housekeeping staff in hotels/motels/cabins around the world! In a previous life I managed hotels, and I will tell you first hand, these are some of the most hard working  staff in the hospitality industry.

Back in the day, our housekeepers cleaned on average 13-15 rooms per day. It's grueling work, and they were expected to clean a room in less than 30 minutes. This meant stripping the beds, remaking them, cleaning the bathrooms, showers, toilet, vacuuming and never ever leaving a hair anywhere it shouldn't be!

So next time you stay somewhere, do your part! Put the trash in the trashcan. Pick up your dirty towels and put them on the sink in the bathroom. Leave a tip! Housekeeping staff work hard and don't get paid anywhere near what they're worth!